It’s Time Texas


IT’S TIME TEXAS is the brainchild of ACTIVE Life; creating a common cause behind which all health-motivated people and places can rally. In addition to leading the digital strategy for IT’S TIME TEXAS, we also worked on the business and strategic planning, and helped define how IT’S TIME TEXAS would fit into the overall ACTIVE Life organizational framework.

We continue to work on IT’S TIME TEXAS to create strategic digital solutions extend healthy tools and resources to individuals looking for tangible ways to make daily healthy decisions.

“If you’re going to name your company Too Good, you must either be (a) super talented or (b) wickedly funny. Tiffany is one of those rare individuals to whom both labels apply. Whenever I have a complex strategic decision to make or need a smart plan developed to execute on that decision, I call Tiffany. She is ACTIVE Life’s semi-secret weapon, because, well, she is too good.” ACTIVE Life Founder/CEO, Baker Harrell